Black Out Loud by Yet & Still and De'Ivyion Drew

Black Out Loud, an exhibit curated by Cortland Gilliam and Jerry Wilson in collaboration with De'Ivyion Drew, aims to highlight the beauty and heterogeneity of Blackness in the context of a historically white, public university in the American South.

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Cortland Gilliam, Jerry Wilson and De’Ivyion Drew don’t mince words about their convictions any more than they do in taking action against racial injustice.

In this video, hear these student activists explain why documenting the voices of Black students and revealing hidden narratives is necessary to move forward on the UNC campus and beyond.

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Black Out Loud Documentary

“Being Black at Carolina feels like…” This becomes a deeper and more provocative prompt than some might have suspected when Yet & Still activists set up a video booth in the Pit at UNC. Hear the answers and watch the facial expressions in this eye-opening documentary.