Disobedient Object

Disobedient Object is a trailer and zine created by a five-member team of artists and activists.

Their work serves as a visual affirmation of their collective anti-racist work towards dismantling white supremacy at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The zine serves as a portal for institutional memory that visually traces the powerful legacy of anti-racist work and organizing on UNC’s campus since the institution’s inception.

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Group member Julia Pulawski explains the title of this work. Learn more about the motivations behind Disobedient Object in this video.


Zine 3-D Flip Book

Explore the Disobedient Object Zine featured in this 3D Flip Book.


Midway through the process, Disobedient Object made the decision to shift the direction of their project and distribute their funds to other members of the cohort. The members of Disobedient Object wanted to share this letter as part of the evolution of their experience.