Disobedient Object Project Description

Disobedient Object is a trailer and zine that serves as a visual affirmation of our collective anti-racist work towards dismantling white supremacy at the institution.

Disobedient Object serves as a portal for institutional memory that visually traces the powerful legacy of anti-racist work and organizing on UNC’s campus since its inception. In doing so, both the trailer and the zine shed light on the histories and knowledges that have been made invisible by hegemonic forces of the institution. Disobedient Object uses mapping and the aesthetics of data visualization, along with the visual language of protest and the provisional to create an assertive exterior. We hope that Disobedient Object will outlast our presence at UNC as a pedagogical tool that faculty and student organizations can use to inform future members of the UNC community about struggles for inclusion and social justice on campus.

Group Members

  • Alyssa Bowen
  • Gina Balamucki
  • Julia Pulowksi
  • Annie Simpson
  • Hong-An Truong