Floraffiti is creative placemaking and community engagement.

Carter Hubbard and Sonny Kelly encourage members of the community at UNC and the local environs to share their poetry, prose, and/or dramatic/musical interpretations of what UNC means to them and what they mean to UNC; reflecting the cultural atmosphere at the university during and after the toppling of the statue. They select words that can take root and grow in more ways than one. How will WE define UNC in the years to come, moving forward from this point?

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Words take shape and grow.

In this video, Floraffiti founder Carter Hubbard and actor, facilitator and communications instructor, Sonny Kelly describe how words, art, and activism come together to plant seeds for change.


Brentton Harrison Sound Cloud Audio Poetry Reading

Listen to Brentton Harrison read his poem “Rooted Reverence”.
(Education & Youth Specialist at the Marian Cheeck Jackson Center in Chapel Hill, NC)

Words: Rooted, Reverence

Brentton Harrison is the youngest son of a southern preacher man, the late Rev. Troy F. Harrison. Brentton can’t remember a time when he hasn’t been serving others. Brentton loves to uplift others and to help them realize their power. He has a particular passion for educating and empowering youth arts and activism, which he has done as a mentor since 2011. Brentton is particularly renowned for delivering Jackson Center Valentine’s Day “song-a-grams.” He is creative, compassionate, and community-driven. One of his mantras is Assata Shakur’s words, “Ain’t none of us free, ‘til we all free!!”

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LaKaya Brittian Video Poetry Reading

In this video presentation, event planner LaKaya Brittian reads her father Larry “Dobie” Brittian’s poem “Remember When”. “Dobie” Brittian was a beloved member and leader of Chapel Hill’s Northside community.

Words: Remember, Family, Friends


Smita Misra Sound Cloud Audio Poetry Reading

Smita Misra invites you to listen to her original poetry “Seeking Asylum”. A doctoral candidate in Communications, Smita’s research aims to build bridges between the clinical and cultural models of trauma. She is interested in medicolegal practices, medical organizations and discourses of trauma and resilience in migration. With a longstanding interest in Refugee Status Determination, Smita is currently investigating the increasing demand to involve expert witnesses in the asylum-seeking process.

Words: Breath, Courage, Relate/Relationship(S)


Because of COVID-19, we were not able to plant the words chosen by workshop participants during Spring 2020. Nonetheless, the words spoken by these community members are more powerful than ever.