Ruptures Vol. 1 & 2 Project Description

Ruptures Volume 2, is a zine that aims to collectively imagine alternative futures for racial justice by providing an alternate archive that documents and explores how the indigenous and racial histories upon which UNC-Chapel Hill was founded are erased, experienced, narrated, and contested in campus struggles for memorialization, space, and the reconfiguration of power structures on this campus.

We ask: Who is safe on campus? Who is heard? Who is missing, silenced, or harmed by ongoing white supremacy?

Ruptures Vol. 2 features visions of justice that reckon with the violence and injustices of the past and the present. This history begins with indigenous people/American Indians from whom the land this university is built on was stolen. It also includes the labor of enslaved people as foundational to the university and acknowledge the ongoing relationship between empire and labor migration that is reflected in the current workforce composition. Ruptures Volume 2 is available for distribution in print and online.

Group Members

  • Department of Geography Faculty: Andrew Curley, Banu Gökarıksel, and Sara Smith
  • Department of Geography Graduate Students: Sherah Faulkner, Pallavi Gupta, Michael Hawkins (On Fieldwork Fall 2019 – Spring 2020), Lara Lookabaugh, Chris Neubert (On Fieldwork Fall 2019), Michelle Padley, and Carlos Serrano.